The Feral Tarot

The Feral Tarot is an unpublished majors only digital collage deck. For a free reading, please click here.

About the Feral Tarot

The first card of the Feral Tarot was conceived in April 2004 as a variation upon the image of the Fool. Instead of a young man striding towards the edge of a cliff, I saw a half fish, half amphibious creature, struggling to climb onto the threshold of a primordial earth. From there, the other animals followed and it became clear to myself that this deck should not be based upon traditional esoteric symbolism; the animals themselves would be sufficient enough to carry the meanings of each card. This is not to say however, that the Feral Tarot does not draw from tarot traditions, even though the images may seem a radical departure. The cards were created entirely on Photoshop and was completed in two weeks. It was a very enjoyable project and I hope you like it.